What We Do

Yellow Umbrella Productions works with photographers, agencies and production companies in whatever capacity you need. We can organise or coordinate an entire project, or just handle a specific part of it – it’s up to you.

If you’re a photographer/director Yellow Umbrella Productions can take care of as little or as much of your production as you like. Many photographers and directors choose to have us handle the entire process, from quoting through to final production, leaving you to focus on the creative side of things. However we can also step in and help with a specific part of the process – such as casting, location sourcing, negotiating usages fees or on-set support.

For agencies that don’t have a production team in-house, we can bring in the very best photographers, stylists, make-up artists, editors and more for every project – giving you direct access to the cream of the crop. From sourcing the right talent to making your vision a reality, to providing local production support for international photographers, we’re equipped to handle every piece of your production puzzle.

If you’re a production company and you have a big job that’s beyond your team’s capacity give Yellow Umbrella Productions a call and we can come in to give you some extra muscle. Think of us as members of your extended family – just pass a project (or part of it) over to us, and you can feel confident everything will be taken care of beautifully. We can be especially handy for production companies wishing to shoot in Bangalore, providing all the local knowledge and support you need.

Other Services

Production Management   |   Line Production   |   Location Scouting   |   Location Management   |   Casting   |   Equipment Rental
Video Production   |   All Relevant Documentation   |   Office Back Up   |   Final Invoicing   |   Catering   |   Styling   |   Street Casting   |   Grips Crew Compilation   |   Set Building   |   Props And Wardrobe   |   Hair And Make-Up Artists
Budget Management   |   Permits   |   Travel Coordination   |   Visas

You want a job well done, we just want another excuse to talk design, film, production and more. Let’s collaborate!