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About Us

Yellow Umbrella Productions is a Bangalore-based production company, founded in 2014 by a husband and wife team, Abhineet and Nilma. Our young, effervescent team provides the comprehensive expertise and support needed to make beautiful imagery possible, from still photography to ad films.

Over the last few years we’ve produced numerous projects for clients across India, and we’ve built a wonderful network of talented people along the way. Together, we make sure every tiny detail of each project is taken care of – so agencies, photographers, directors and clients can feel relaxed and confident every step of the way. Shooting swimwear in winter? Want a smoke machine in the jungle near Ooty? 10 models, 6 locations and only 2 days? Bring it on!

Meet the Team

Nilma Dileepan

“Find a job that you love and you’ll never work
a day in your life.”

The calm in the storm. Always smiling, especially when there is tea & cake around. Nilma thinks excel sheets are bae. Her organizational skills and outrageous OCD reaffirms that no detail is missed in the logistics and planning of a shoot.

Apart from coordinating shoots Nilma hones her talent in set and product styling. Hence when she is not shooting you can find her in office pondering over a flatlay of props she has styled. With a decade of experience in producing shoots around the world, she is dedicated, enthusiastic and excited for all the future adventures, helping amazing visions come to life where every day is a new learning experience.

Abhineet BS

"Inspire, Create, Repeat"

Mr Storm himself, stirring things up and making sure everyone is on their toes. Always saying YES, to any challenge thrown at him. Abhineet thinks biryani on set is bae. His relentless energy, an eye for detail, and dry humor makes every shoot super fun, yet professional.

With a penchant for set work and styling, Abhineet can find any prop under the sun or he will create one for you from scratch before your deadline. When he’s not shooting for 24 hours straight, you can find him dabbling with photolights and trying his hand at product photography or playing fetch with their two doggies, Dorai & Kanmani.

Other Services

Production Management   |   Line Production   |   Location Scouting   |   Location Management   |   Casting   |   Equipment Rental
Video Production   |   All Relevant Documentation   |   Office Back Up   |   Final Invoicing   |   Catering   |   Styling   |   Street Casting   |   Grips Crew Compilation   |   Set Building   |   Props And Wardrobe   |   Hair And Make-Up Artists
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